Become a Dog House VIP!

If you travel frequently and need care for your dog, sign up for our VIP ( Very Important Pet) Membership Program and avail exciting discounts and complimentary services!

VIP Silver

The VIP Silver Program offers you a 10% discount on our daily boarding rate, 21 boarding days, 2 complimentary baths, 1 free pickup and drop service and is valid for 3 months. 

VIP Gold

Grab a 15% discount on our daily boarding rate, avail 42 boarding days, 3 complimentary baths and enjoy 6 months' validity. And avail 2 free pickup & drop services!

VIP Platinum

20% off on our boarding rate! 60 boarding days, 4 complimentary baths and 12 months' validity! 3 free pickup and drop services can be availed.