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"We left our special child here and he found a special place! Thank you very much Keerthi and team for your care and comfort. We totally recommend Dog House's dog boarding services." - Raju, the special needs dog

" I highly recommend Dog House for dog boarding in Chennai. I left my 7 month old GSD pup with Keerthi for a few days. Leo is a very hyperactive dog and bites a lot. Keerthi handled him with amazing patience. I wouldn't trust anyone with Leo when we are away. " - Leo, the GSD puppy that goes grrrrr....

"We kept smily in Keerthi's dog kennelfor a month in May during vacations.

Smily is a distemper survivor who would occasionally get seizures, required spoon feeding and basically needed a lot of individual care. And so it has always been a struggle to not only find someone who can look after her well but even just take her in. So when Keerthi agreed to keep her it was a huge relief. Not only did she take very good care of our baby, she also kept us updated with pictures, videos and stories about smily and took immediate action when she got sick too.

Smily seemed to have really enjoyed her time there and learned a lot of new things from the others dogs there too. I would definitely recommend this place, there's a good amount of space, a pool for the dogs to play in and most importantly, great pet care.Thank you Keerthi for doing a wonderful job at looking after all these babies!" - Smily, a special needs child

" I boarded my two indies at Dog House two weeks ago and I have nothing but praise for Keerthi and her family. I did a short-term trial to see how they would fare, since I will need to board them for two months this summer. Keerthi came to pick up my dogs and drove them the 50km back to Red Hills. The dogs immediately jumped out and started exploring and then gobbled up their home-cooked meal. I got daily updates on how they were doing. They enjoyed running, jumping, and playing with other dogs. When it was time for them to come home, Keerthi dropped them off and they gave her a quick goodbye before running back into my house. The dogs were so well cared for that I am excited for them to stay with Keerthi again for June and July. I highly recommend. " - Rosie & Lattie, lucky adopted Indies

" My dogs were so happy at Dog House -so much that they wanted to go back there right after coming home!! it was like a vacation for them. Keerthi- thank you so much for taking such good care of them. can't recommend you enough. I can now never leave them anywhere else but your place. Highly highly recommend!!" - Coco & Loki, the aquatic Golden Retriever sisters

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