our services for community dogs

Vaccination & Sterilization

Vaccinating and sterilizing homeless dogs in Chennai goes a long way in alleviating their suffering by way of protecting them from diseases and preventing the birth of unwanted pups. Homeless mother dogs suffer from malnutrition during pregnancies, which occur every six months, and struggle to feed their puppies. Pups are often run over by vehicles or die of starvation and diseases. Vaccination also ensures safety for humans and allows dogs and humans to co-exist peacefully.

Dog House offers spay/neuter services, post-operative care, along with pickup/drop, to community dogs. At discounted prices. If there's a community dog you love, who's friendly with you and you'd like our help with sterilizing him/her, please get in touch with us.  Our discounted rates for community dogs are as follows:

Surgery ( sterilization) - Rs.1500/dog, including Anti-Rabies vaccine

Transportation to the vet - Rs.600

Antibiotics - Rs.200-300 approx.

Post-operative boarding, including food - Rs.300/dog/day - for a total of 7 days until the sutures are removed

Pickup & drop - chargeable based on distance ( how far away from Dog House the dog is)

Let's join hands and do our bit for our wonderful native dogs!