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Kennel-free, leash-free policy

Dog House is a massive ( 15,000-sft.) home-stay in Chennai offering overnight dog boarding, day care, swimming, bath, basic grooming, spay and neuter services. We have a kennel-free, leash-free policy. Our guests enjoy luxury and freedom. We have large, air-conditioned accommodation equipped with plush beds, a swimming pool, massive open-to-sky play area and large, cool, runs equipped with ceiling fans and curtains. We provide fresh, home-cooked food, board only few dogs at a time and give them personal attention. Our mission is to make you feel like you're leaving your dog with friends or family while you travel.


24/7 personal care, resident family on site

At Dog House, your dog is personally cared for by a resident family having adopted dogs of their own. We live on the premises and have replicated our own dogs' living spaces, both indoor & outdoor, for our guests. We mimic the attention, pampering, luxury and freedom you offer your fur child in your own home.


Competitive pricing

Know what Dog House's competitive advantage is? Luxury and freedom for your dog. At the price you'd pay for a kennel.  We are a business focused on quality and driven by ethics.

Our Facilities

Air-conditioning, plush beds


Our guests enjoy large, kennel-free air-conditioned accommodation equipped with plush beds and toys. Dog boarding in Chennai just got luxurious!

Swimming Pool


We have a large pool to help your dog beat the heat in Chennai! If your dog loves water, bring him/her over to Dog House for a splash!

Open-to-sky play area


Dog House is a 15,000-sft. property flaunting a massive, open-to-sky play area. Dogs love to run and play here! 

Large, cool runs


We have created large, cool resting spaces for dogs in our outdoor environment. We have 12X24-foot runs equipped with ceiling fans and curtains, and they receive day-long cool breeze. These runs are also perfect for dogs who absolutely do not want to mingle with other dogs. They're large enough for a Rottweiler or Great Dane to roam. We believe in respecting an introverted dog's boundaries and need for space.

Pickup & Drop all over Chennai


Our swanky ride for the VIPs ( Very Important Pets) is equipped to escort dogs all over Chennai. We have an air-conditioned Maruti Ertiga . If your dog is staying with us, we offer pickup and drop regardless of which corner of Chennai you're in!

Fresh, home-cooked food


We offer delicious, home-cooked food to our guests. We can customize your dog's diet based on what he/she relishes and is accustomed to eating. You can pick from a variety of options including chicken, egg, mutton, vegetables etc. 


Wanna be a Dog House VIP?


If you travel frequently and need care for your dog, sign up for our VIP ( Very Important Pet) Membership Program and avail attractive discounts and complimentary services!

VIP Silver

The VIP Silver Program offers you a 10% discount on our daily boarding rate, 21 boarding days, 1 complimentary bath and is valid for 3 months.

VIP Gold

Grab a 15% discount on our daily boarding rate, avail 42 boarding days, 2 complimentary baths and enjoy 6 months' validity!

VIP Platinum

18% off on our boarding rate! 60 boarding days, 3 complimentary baths and 12 months' validity! What are you waiting for?

Spay & Neuter!

Dog House offers spay & neuter services to its guests.

Spaying  / neutering your dog at the age of 6 months to 1 year is important. Neutered dogs are healthier, happier, live longer and socialize better with other dogs. Dogs who are left intact are at risk of developing health issues such as testicular tumors, uterus infections, hormonal imbalances, pseudo pregnancies etc. Males who are not neutered tend to be more aggressive and have behavioural issues. Please talk to your vet to know more about the benefits and importance of neutering your dog. 

We at Dog House are happy to offer spay & neuter services. You can have your dog stay with us for a week if you'd like us to get him/her neutered and offer post-operative care. We partner with some of the best veterinarians in town and have many years of experience in neutering dogs. Not breeding your dog is also important to create awareness around the importance of adopting orphaned and abandoned dogs from animal shelters in the city. Please encourage friends and family to neuter their pet dogs and adopt a homeless dog instead of buying dogs from breeders. Commercial dog breeding is an industry that abuses dogs throughout their lives before dumping them on the streets. ADOPT. DON'T SHOP.


About the Founder

D for Dog, D for Dream

Dog House is the beginning of a much bigger dream for Keerthi Priyadharshini, Founder of Dog House, and mother of nineteen adopted dogs and a piglet :-). Keerthi grew up around multiple dogs and has over thirty years’ experience in personally caring for them. She has been doing volunteer work for homeless dogs in Chennai for several years now. She has helped many homeless dogs get adopted and has vaccinated, sterilized and rehabilitated many dogs. She has organized adoption drives for homeless dogs and delivered talks in corporate offices to create awareness around the importance of adoption and the cruelties in commercial dog breeding. 

Like most dog parents, Keerthi found herself in a soup every time she had to travel out of Chennai because she needed someone reliable to give her pampered dogs the kind of attention, comfort and care they were used to, in her absence. For years, she dreamed of creating a massive homestay, far superior to a kennel, where dogs get to enjoy all the luxuries of their own home and more! We’re talking not just beds, bean bags and air-conditioning but also large, outdoor play areas, fresh air, greenery, water, digging holes in the ground and everything dogs love :-). She wanted to create a dog boarding home where dogs could be themselves and enjoy an environment that’s as natural and healthy as possible. No cages, no leashes. Fresh, home-cooked food. And most importantly, lots of personal attention 😊. 

Keerthi is an Engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, has a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management and works in a Business Operations role with one of the world’s leading Fintech companies. Her passion for working with dogs led her to set up Dog House. Looking after dogs is what Keerthi does best. Keerthi and her big doggie family have their private residence located within the premises of Dog House. Dog House is a family-run establishment. Keerthi, her family and their dedicated, dog-crazy staff ensure 24X7 personal care for your puppers. Keerthi created every inch of Dog House by asking herself the question, “Is this what I would want for MY dog?” 

Keerthi’s furry family includes special needs dogs as well - a blind Labrador Retriever, Chip, and two paraplegic Indian dogs, Angel and Veera. Together, they are one big happy family!

Our "Dog First" Policies

All of Dog House's policies resound one thing - DOG IS KING!

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Customer Reviews


Bambi, the Telugu-speaking Pug

 "Yes, I do recommend Dog House. Best dog boarding place in Chennai! Honestly, I thought my dog would get bored or become dull but it was the exact opposite that happened! A very dog-friendly place!"

Rosie & Latte, Indie couple

"I boarded my two Indies at Dog House two weeks ago and I have nothing but praise for Keerthi and her family. I did a short-term trial to see how they would fare, since I will need to board them for two months this summer. Keerthi came to pick up my dogs and drove them the 50km back to Red Hills. The dogs immediately jumped out and started exploring and then gobbled up their home-cooked meal. I got daily updates on how they were doing. They enjoyed running, jumping, and playing with other dogs. When it was time for them to come home, Keerthi dropped them off and they gave her a quick goodbye before running back into my house. The dogs were so well cared for that I am excited for them to stay with Keerthi again for June and July. I highly recommend Dog House for dog boarding in Chennai."

Casper, the celebrity Beagle

"This place is the best for boarding in Chennai for our fur buddies if you're going on a long holiday. Our 4 yr old beagle is a very timid girl and we were so apprehensive about how she would gel with the other dogs but Keerthi made sure that she was very comfortable. We loved that they follow cageless method in taking care of them. Keerthi and her helper constantly monitor the dogs and keep us updated. Keerthi is an amazing person who has a great insight about the dogs and her dog house property is huge. Our girl had a great time and we knew she was in safe hands. Anytime any day dog house is the best 👌👌 "

Trisha, the famous Indie

"We left our Indie for five days at Dog House last week. She came back a very happy dog! (and even got her nails trimmed). This has been by far the best dog boarding place we have left her in so far, almost like leaving her at a friend's place.
Very smooth service with pick up and drop off, advantage with home-cooked chicken and rice, and Keerthi kept us posted about her stay often. Thanks to everyone at Dog House. Highly recommend."

Tippu, Indian Royalty

"Yes, I highly recommend Dog House... I had tried boarding my boy, Tippu, with many kennels/shelters... but Tippu was not happy and would immediately fall sick once he is back home... Tippu is very sensitive and self-protective boy, any one just can't go near him, he will roar like a Lion, he will not eat anything until he meets us... but this time it was completely different... I must really say Keerthi handled him sooooo well, she understood him completely and took good care of him for almost 6 days... i haven't seen Tippu moving so closely with anyone in this short time... he came back home with a happy face... Thank you so very much, Keerthi... hereafter we have decided to book our vacation regularly 🤓." 

Loki & Coco, The Water Puppies

 My dogs were so happy at Dog House -so much that they wanted to go back there right after coming home!! it was like a vacation for them. Keerthi- thank you so much for taking such good care of them. can't recommend you enough. I can now never leave them anywhere else but your place. Highly highly recommend!! 


Meet Sheldon, our piglet.

Do you know? Pigs are more intelligent than dogs!

We adopted Sheldon from a slaughter farm. Pigs are intelligent, loving and social animals. They love belly rubs, can solve puzzles, enjoy toys and bath tubs. Sheldon was terrified of humans when we first brought him home. He now wags his tail, rolls over for rubs, rubs his nose on us, eats out of a bowl and plays with toys. He's just as naughty as a dog. He rips toys and beds. He throws bowls around :-). He looks forward to human companionship and food. Sheldon has his own private condo at Dog House. We simply can't get enough of our cute, pink piglet!

Sheldon on YouTube

We love sharing videos of our piglet. He's growing, changing and bringing us new experiences. We're discovering more about this gentle giant every day. 

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You can book your dog's stay with us online. Please write in to us with details of your dog's body weight, check-in, check-out dates, diet preference, temperament ( is your dog friendly with other dogs?) etc. and we will contact you.

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Our Adoptable Rescued Dogs



The contrast between her rare coat color and her dark eyes is striking. Ashley has a quite a fan following because of her looks. She's 4 months old.



The smaller the dog, the more the spunk. Clove was rescued when she weighed barely 250 grams. At 4 months, she thinks she's a tiger and intimidates dogs 10 times her size. Her tiny face and pointed ears make her look like part puppy part kitten.


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