Our Facilities

Air-conditioned accommodation


Dogs who're social roam free at Dog House 24/7. Dogs who do not like to mingle with other dogs are offered spacious, private enclosures where they can rest while they are not enjoying individual outdoor play time. Our indoor accommodation for dogs is air-conditioned and we offer comfortable bedding and toys.

Swimming Pool

Dog Kennel

 We have a swimming pool to help your dog beat the heat in Chennai! If your dog loves water, bring him/her over to Dog House for a splash! Swimming is also therapeutic for Arthritic dogs.

Open-to-sky play area

Dog Kennel


Dog House is a 15,000-sft. property flaunting a massive, open-to-sky play area. Dogs love to run and play here!  

Large, cool runs

Dog Kennel

 We have created large, cool resting spaces for dogs in our outdoor environment. We have 12X24-foot runs equipped with ceiling fans and curtains, and they receive day-long cool breeze. 

Pickup & Drop


 Our swanky ride for the VIPs ( Very Important Pets) is equipped to escort dogs all over Chennai. We have an air-conditioned Maruti Ertiga . If your dog is staying with us, we offer pickup and drop regardless of which corner of Chennai you're in! 

Fresh, home-cooked food

Dog Kennel

 We offer delicious, home-cooked food to our guests. We can customize your dog's diet based on what he/she relishes and is accustomed to eating. You can pick from a variety of options including chicken, egg, mutton, vegetables etc.