spay & neuter

For a healthier, happier dog.

If you have not talked to your vet yet about the benefits of spaying/neutering your dog, you should. Dog House offers spay/neuter services and post-operative care. You can have your pooch stay with us for 5-7 days while he/she gets neutered and heals from surgery. We partner with some of the best veterinarians in town and have many years' experience in neutering dogs.

Say why neuter your dog?

- It helps reduce hormonal aggression 

- It helps prevent tumors, hormonal imbalances, false pregnancies and uterus infections 

- It allows multiple dogs to co-exist harmoniously in the same home 

- Intact males have the tendency to fight other males 

- Intact males tend to hump other dogs, humans and objects and are often frustrated 

- Intact males tend to howl at night and jump walls if they pick up the scent of a female in heat 

- Intact females will come into heat every six months, howl, be cranky / aggressive and some experience severe false pregnancy symptoms post heat 

- Most boarding homes refuse to accommodate females in heat because they raise quite a ruckus 

- Intact dogs are harder to socialize in places where they come into contact with other dogs, mainly because of their hormonal aggression. We're talking boarding homes, pet parties, dog socializing events etc. 

- Neutering prevents unwanted and accidental breeding

Not breeding your dog is also important to create awareness around the importance of adopting orphaned and abandoned dogs from animal shelters in the city. Please encourage friends and family to neuter their pet dogs. Please talk to them about the importance of adopting homeless dogs instead of buying dogs from breeders. Commercial dog breeding is an industry that abuses dogs throughout their lives before dumping them on the streets. ADOPT. DON'T SHOP.

Spay / neuter surgeries may cost anywhere between Rs.2500 and Rs.8000 depending on your dog's breed, age, gender and body weight. For post-operative care, our regular boarding rates apply.

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Please call us on 95000 58836 or send us a message on our Reservations page to make a spay/neuter appointment for your dog.