about the founder

Mommy of 19 adopted dogs and a piglet.

Dog House is the beginning of a much bigger dream for Keerthi Priyadharshini, Founder of Dog House, and mother of nineteen adopted dogs and a piglet :-). Keerthi grew up around multiple dogs and has over thirty years’ experience in personally caring for them. She has been doing volunteer work for homeless dogs in Chennai for several years now. She has helped many homeless dogs get adopted and has vaccinated, sterilized and rehabilitated many dogs. She has organized adoption drives for homeless dogs and delivered talks in corporate offices to create awareness around the importance of adoption and the cruelties in commercial dog breeding. 

Like most dog parents, Keerthi found herself in a soup every time she had to travel out of Chennai because she needed someone reliable to give her pampered dogs the kind of attention, comfort and care they were used to, in her absence. The dog kennels in town were simply not up to the mark. For years, she dreamed of creating a massive homestay, far superior to any kennel, where dogs get to enjoy all the luxuries of their own home and more! We’re talking not just beds, bean bags and air-conditioning but also large, outdoor play areas, fresh air, greenery, water, digging holes in the ground and everything dogs love :-). She wanted to create a dog boarding experience that allows dogs to be themselves and enjoy an environment that’s as natural and healthy as possible. No cages, no leashes. Fresh, home-cooked food. And most importantly, lots of personal attention 😊. 

Keerthi is an Engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, has a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management and works in a Business Operations role with one of the world’s leading Fintech companies. Her passion for working with dogs led her to set up Dog House. Looking after dogs is what Keerthi does best. Keerthi and her big doggie family have their private residence located within the premises of Dog House. Dog House is a family-run establishment. Keerthi, her family and their dedicated, dog-crazy staff ensure 24X7 personal care for your puppers. Keerthi created every inch of Dog House by asking herself the question, “Is this what I would want for MY dog?” 

Keerthi’s furry family includes special needs dogs as well - a blind Labrador Retriever, Chip, and two paraplegic Indian dogs, Angel and Veera. Together, they are one big happy family!

Our "Dog First" Policies

All of Dog House's policies resound one thing. Dog is KING.