Pigs are the best!

Do you know? Pigs are more intelligent than dogs!

We adopted Sheldon from a slaughter farm. Pigs are intelligent, loving and social animals. They love belly rubs, can solve puzzles, enjoy toys and bath tubs. Sheldon was terrified of humans when we first brought him home. He now wags his tail, rolls over for rubs, rubs his nose on us, eats out of a bowl and plays with toys. He's just as naughty as a dog. He rips toys and beds. He throws bowls around :-). He looks forward to human companionship and food. Sheldon has his own private condo at Dog House. We simply can't get enough of our cute, pink piglet!

Sheldon on YouTube

We love sharing videos of our piglet. He's growing, changing and bringing us new experiences. We're discovering more about this gentle giant every day.